Helps you turn problems into opportunities

embrace your problems

Omdenken The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking is about saying YES-AND to life.

Yes to all situations.

The first step is to accept the situation as it truly is by turning the problem into a fact.

Yes to all problems.

The second step is to say YES-AND to that fact and transform it into a new possibilty.

How to do it?

There are 15 unique strategies that will help you turn problems into opportunities. Choose the strategy that best fits your problem.


When you turn problems into opportunities you will free your mind.

We will help you think in terms of possibilities and chances instead of limitations or threats.

We encourage you to stop saying YES-BUT to life.

And start saying YES-AND to life.


You can learn all the tools of Omdenken at our corporate, in-company shows. We offer various shows which all feature comedy, music, theatre and theory. Regardless of which show you choose, one thing is for sure: your employees will be more energized than when they arrived.

Embrace your problems.

Free your mind.