Helps you turn problems into opportunities

embrace your problems

Omdenken The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking is about saying YES-AND to life.

Yes to all situations.

The first step is to accept the situation as it truly is by turning the problem into a fact.

Yes to all problems.

The second step is to say YES-AND to that fact and transform it into a new possibilty.

How to do it?

There are 15 unique strategies that will help you turn problems into opportunities. Choose the strategy that best fits your problem.


When you turn problems into opportunities you will free your mind.

We will help you think in terms of possibilities and chances instead of limitations or threats.

We encourage you to stop saying YES-BUT to life.

And start saying YES-AND to life.


Before COVID-19 we were used to presenting our theory and practice on the stage. But as expected we got the unexpected and thus we created our Webinar! The webinar is a 75-minute fun, interactive programme made for these trying times.


After selling more than 100.000 copies of ‘Huh?!’ in the Netherlands, we finally translated our Dutch bestseller in English.

This book is about the transition from a yes-but to a yes-and way of thinking; from thinking in terms of problems to thinking in terms of opportunities. When we approach a problem with this orientation, novel solutions can sometimes be surprisingly easy to discover. Looking at a problem from a new angle, even just a quarter-turn, can lead to a big insight, with so little effort. We don’t have to fight our problems; we can transform them into opportunities. We can make them our allies.

The art of turning problems into opportunities can be learned. It’s a type of psychological jujitsu. The technique this book introduces is called Omdenken in Dutch, which you could translate as flip-thinking. It not only leads to a solution to an existing problem, but opens new vistas of possibility. As a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, a problem is flip-thought into a beautiful solution. This leads to a paradox: the more problems we confront, the better.


Embrace your problems.

Free your mind.