3 in 1 rule


Traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia is brutal. As a result, the Government devised the 3-in-1-rule: it’s only allowed to drive on the city’s main streets if you’ve got at least three people in your car. But the locals in Jakarta are pretty industrious…

Police officers patrol busy intersections to make sure the 3-in-1-rule is being followed. If you want to drive to a particular part of the city, but you’ve only got one person in your car, you’re forced to take a lengthy detour. To subvert the system, you can use a Joki. Jokis are people that rent their services by riding with you in the car. For 20,000 Rupees (roughly 1.35 Euros), they’ll ride with you. Jokis are very often mothers with children, bringing the total amount of passengers in your car immediately to three.

It’s a clever idea, and one that takes a bureaucratic rule and turns into a good little earner. The only problem is, it doesn’t relieve the city’s terrible traffic problem. In fact, it makes it worse, as drivers hold up traffic while Jokis jump into cars. What begins as a nice example of Omdenken can also turn into a nasty case of Vastdenken.

Sources: iExperience and info.nisura.com

Photo: Vasenka Photography

License: CC BY 2.0

  • Rosie

    Not only Crump. There are may fish to fry here. The Orange Blossom Special has a lot of passengers. The discovery is looking like a RICO inteitsgavion.

    5 months ago