El Salvador - the incredible salvation of the Dutch from Blik film on Vimeo.

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El Salvador

A National Tragedy: for the first time in 32 YEARS Holland will NOT participate in the European Championship.

BLIK Film made a beautiful short film to bring salvation to the “poor” Dutch. ‪

This is the incredible story of a die hard fan of the Dutch National team that just cannot accept that the Dutch won’t go to Euro 2016.
His only salvation is to create an illusion. But not just any illusion. One of the best illusions! We are going to the Euro 2016!

This film is about hope and belief, about friendship and about brain power.

  • Irene

    If you Draw a Sunday comics page that will become one of the higlihghts of my week. Be really cool to see you try your hand at a Far Side style panel comic.

    11 months ago

  • Marieke Doomen

    Haha ja, dit is nog eens "omdenken"!!

    1 year ago