Those who can awaken the desires of others, have the world at their fingertips.

The Strategy of Enticing is driven by a simple principle: if we want it, we’ll go out and get it. Put another way, intrinsic motivation is the most effective way for humans to take action. Fear or manipulation might work in the short term, but only by truly enticing a person to pursue that which he loves, can we be guaranteed that he’ll actually take action.

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If an object of our desire appears to be in short supply, we want it all the more. Simply put, we want what we cannot have. Imagine this: you’re a huge Rolling Stones fan and you find out the band is coming to your town. The tickets are outrageously expensive and you refuse to pay the price. Within days though, the band advertises that this will quite probably be the very last Rolling Stones tour. Chances are very good that you’ll find a way to buy those expensive tickets, sooner rather than later.


In other words, an eye for an eye. If you give me something, I will feel absolutely compelled to return the favor. Salespeople use this technique to the maximum – once we accept a gift, we feel guilty if we don’t repay.


We humans have a strong desire to be perceived as consistent beings. We want people to think that if we promise something we will follow through. If we answer a question by saying yes, and then answer another question by saying a second yes, most likely we’ll answer the third question by saying a third yes!


We have an enormous desire to feel that we, and we alone, get to make decisions about things that affect us. That we are driving our own bus, so to speak. Human beings don’t respond very well to being told what to do – to have our autonomy taken away, for example. Think about prohibiting young people from alcohol or sex. What does such a prohibition make them want to do? You got it – drink and make love!


Obviously all of these concepts can be used in both positive and/or destrucive ways, depending on how you employ them. If you keep these elements of The Strategy of Enticing in mind when facing your problems, it’ll be easier to Omdenk the situation and create a new possibility.

This piece is a summary of the strategy of enticing.
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