• 150 minutes, up to 1,000 participants.
  • Interactive and theatrical mix about the do’s and don’ts of flip-thinking.
  • The number 1 hit in training-land. 

The Omdenken Workshop is a longer version of the Omdenken Show. The programme is theatrical, but participants also have ample opportunity to roll up their sleeves and practically apply flip-thinking.
Wherever we work and live, we experience problems. Things don’t work out the way we expected them to, people around us are being difficult, we were just on a roll and suddenly ‘a problem is dumped in our lap’… Because of all this, we tend to quickly assume a ‘yes-but’ position and focus on what is wrong and what needs to be changed. This leads to irritation, stagnation and decline. Those who assume yes-but positions in life think in terms of threats and limitations. The glass is always half empty. We call this stuck-thinking. There is also another way of thinking: the yes-and position. Those who assume yes-and positions think in terms of chances and opportunities. They not only see a glass of water, but also ask the question: “Where is the tap?”. How can you transform a problem into an opportunity? In Dutch we call it “Omdenken”: Flip-thinking.
The programme offers various interactive elements that challenge the participants to assume a yes-and position and apply omdenken. The Omdenken Workshop is an eye-opener that helps people to perceive so-called threats and problems as the facts that they truly are; these facts can then be used to create new opportunities.