Rethinking Homework

The effect of homework
For decades students are given homework. But for what reason?
Scientific studies on the academic effects of homework offer surprising results. At elementary school, the research found no benefit to assigning homework. And even at high school level, the correlation between homework and test scores is very weak (Washington Post). Maybe the time has come to implement a different strategy.

The Strategy of Elimination
The Strategy of Elimination is about stop doing what doesn’t work. When you eliminate what doesn’t work, try to see what’s left over and act upon that.
That is exactly what elementary teacher Brandy Young from Godley Texas did. At the start of the year she handed in the pictured letter stating that she will not assign homework to her second grade students. Young explained to Popsugar :  “Lower elementary school students are here all day with us, so I think it’s our job to educate them here and when they go home they have other things they need to learn there.”

A different approach
The progressive teacher’s policy is going viral and is receiving lots of positive response. Young recommends to speak up if you feel like your child is doing too much homework. “Share your values and your concerns with your teacher, and ask the purpose of it. Meaningful assignments are great outside of school but there needs to be a meaning.”
She hopes more teachers will get the freedom to be in charge of their classrooms, just as the district has given to her.