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Want to learn more about Omdenken – The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking?
Then we have a great event coming up especially for you!
On Thursday, November 24th, 2016 we’re doing an Omdenken Seminar in the English language.
The seminar will take place in the beautiful Dutch national railway museum: Spoorwegmuseum. This historical building is most centrally located  in Utrecht.
It’s an ideal opportunity for expats or people working for an international company.

Embrace your problems
The seminar will teach you how to face life’s problems with an attitude of ‘yes-and’ instead of ‘yes-but’.

Wherever we work and live, we experience problems. Things don’t work out the way we expected them to, people around us are being difficult, we were just on a roll and suddenly ‘a problem is dumped in our lap’… Because of all this, we tend to quickly assume a ‘yes-but’ position and focus on what is wrong and what needs to be changed. This leads to irritation, stagnation and decline.

Those who assume yes-but positions in life think in terms of threats and limitations. The glass is always half empty. We call this stuck-thinking. There is also another way of thinking: the yes-and position. Those who assume yes-and positions think in terms of chances and opportunities. They not only see a glass of water, but also ask the question: “Where is the tap?”. How can you transform a problem into an opportunity? In Dutch we call it “Omdenken”: Flip-thinking.

Getting to know Omdenken
This seminar will be done in a theatrical setting. It’ll offer a variety of interactive elements, all designed to challenge the audience to participate and to flip-think. Participants will be invited to roll up their sleeves and work on real problems.

The details

Date: Thursday November 24th, 2016
Venue: Theaterzaal, Spoorwegmuseum, Utrecht
Time: 20:00 pm till 22:30 pm.
Price: €39.95, which includes drinks and the book Omdenken: The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking.
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Impression of the seminar

No boring monologues, no standard powerpoint presentations.
The very first English Omdenken Seminar is about fun and interaction.
On November 24 we will bring you a night of theatre, comedy and lecture.
Meet our talented trainer Dave Mangene and awesome actor Chris King Perryman.