Fighting in romantic relationships

Nicole and her husband are both dominant types. Their fiery nature causes them to fight a lot. How can we flip-think this problem?

Nicole send us the following e-mail:
How do I avoid ending up in these big fights with my husband?
We get into huge fights that get so heated, we even have to recover from them for a couple of days.
Every time we do talk to each other about it and end the fight, we say sorry and we promise that it will never happen again. Then six weeks later same fight all over…
It seems discussing doesn’t work because one way or another it always comes back.
It would be fantastic to hear how it could go different, or how other people are dealing with fights.

What are your experiences? Is it possible to flip-think fights?
We would like to ask you if you can help formulate the best answer.
Maybe you have helped others in a similar situation before.
We are very curious to hear your thoughts.
Together we can help Nicole and possibly more people who have the same question.

  • Becky

    This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep the readers enettrained. Between your wit as well as your videos, I had been nearly gone to live in begin my very own weblog (well, almostHaHa!) Congrats. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and most that, the way you presented it. As well cool!

    6 months ago

  • N.

    As someone who always avoids conflict, this sounds like the exact opposite of my relationship. But I really believe those fights can be a benefit too! You guys are great at expressing your feelings to each other, both good and bad. We are holding everything in, which isn't really healthy in the long run. Keep fighting, but also keep looking for a way to end these fights with some sort of a solution so they won't keep popping up.

    11 months ago