Money problems

Money problems, an issue that probably everybody has or had in some stage of their life. We love it and hate it. Money often leads to happy things, but just as often does it lead to negative situations such as fights and frustrations. One of our followers Amanda send us an e-mail about her current life story and her burning question on how to deal with money issues:

Since five years I own an apartment that I love and I hate at the same time.

I hate it because of the high mortgage and the accompanying fixed costs.
I have to earn a pretty high salary to be able to live here.
For a while now my job isn’t satisfying anymore and I feel a strong need to take a sabbatical and spend more time on other (unpaid) activities. I need to free my soul.

The problem is I don’t have any savings so I can’t take an unpaid sabbatical.
I could sell my house, but as I said I love my house and I don’t want to get rid of it. Also, when finding a new job, I don’t want salary to be the main factor in a job.

It seems I am only looking for solutions that are all leaving me unsatisfied. I wish I could just stop worry about money!
Omdenken, can you help me? How can I stop worry about money problems? How can I use flip-thinking in my situation?

What do you think? Can you help Amanda?
We would like to ask you if you can help formulate the best answer.
Maybe you have been in the same situation before and came out of it.
We are very curious to hear your thoughts.
Together we can help Amanda and possibly more people who are dealing with money problems.

  • Marni

    If time is money you've made me a weihtlaer woman.

    4 months ago

  • Juliana Gozali

    Hello! i always find meeting new people (from other countries and all over the place to very fulfilling and it also perks me up. I hope you have a spare room in your apartment, cos that would mean that i could host people on AirBnB from other countries. Other than an extra source of income, I could also meet people from other places who can inspire me from time to time.

    8 months ago