NIVEA SUNSLIDE from FCB Cape Town on Vimeo.


Kids love to play and kids love to go to the beach. Especially when the sun is out!
But as we all know, the sun has its downsides too as it can have very harmful effects to everyone’s skin.
Therefore, it is very important to always put on sunscreen.
Putting sunscreen on your kids, however, can be a tough job!
This video is a wonderful Omdenken example of using the desire of kids to play and have fun in the sun in order to get them properly protected against the sun.

  • Anisha

    People nolmraly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

    11 months ago

    • Sharon Reichert

      Hi Anisha, I am not sure I understand. Why should you be paid? - The Omdenken Team

      11 months ago