How to deal with whining teenagers?


Are you a mother or father blessed with a teenager?
And are you very much looking forward to spending quality time with the family this holiday?

Maybe you’ve planned a camping trip in the middle of nowhere and you already look forward to lots of campfire stories and reading books in total relaxation.

Before you plan this long awaited holiday, answer the following questions:

1. Is your kid attached to his or her phone?
2. Does your boy only want to play video games all day?
3. Is your daughter constantly making selfies for her Instagram and Snapchat account?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then STOP and check the following first:


If the answer is NO, then there’s a very good chance that your holiday will turn out to be a disappointing disaster.

The life of teenagers nowadays revolves around the internet and their phones. They are socially connected to their friends online and if you cut them off from their social networks they could end up whining for the entire holiday. They could even get a little depressed.

Consider the following 3 aspects of GOOD PARENTING:

1. Acknowledging
Good parenting is about making sure your kids get to feel however they need to feel. That your child gets to think whatever he thinks.
And that your kids get to be whomever they are.
2. Autonomy
Every human being wants to have autonomy.
Kids have a strong desire to be able to make their own decisions too.
Good parenting is about enabling your kids to have that autonomy.
3. Competence
Good parenting is about making sure your kid feels competent about having certain skills. Always compliment your child for doing something well. Being proud of your child’s accomplishments will make him feel confident and competent.

Going on a harmonious holidays with your teenagers is really about discussing what kind of holiday they would like to go on.

So tonight, ask everyone in the family to make a top 3 list of favorite holiday destinations.

Discuss the destinations and communicate which elements are important to a great holiday. Second, make sure the planned holiday contains plenty of elements that meet both you and your kid’s needs.

If you do this, we promise you will make many good memories and a holiday that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Happy Holidays!