Want to book an Omdenken Show?

De Omdenken trainers and actors perform Omdenken programmes in the Netherlands and abroad daily, at all types of organisations. Our shows, clinics and workshops are interactive, inspiring and humorous programmes that illustrate the differences between yes-but and yes-and thinking. They also irrefutably prove the benefits of flip-thinking: innovation, creativity and inspiration. They are the ultimate mix of theatre, comedy and lecture.

Various shows

Our shows come in several shapes and sizes:

Omdenken Clinic

  • 40 minutes, up to 200 participants.
  • A flashy and interactive initiation into flip-thinking.
  • Caution: you’ll be left wanting more!

What is the difference between yes-but thinking and yes-and thinking, thinking in terms of threats or in terms of opportunities?
We assume that most organisations are more than willing to approach problems in a yes-and manner. But we often lack the tools to do so. The Omdenken Clinic will help you find these tools and apply them.
This humorous and lightning-quick programme demonstrates that yes-and thinking can be quite difficult; one way or another we’re all used to colouring inside the lines.
The programme is performed in a theatre-style layout. Because we spend a good amount of time practicing with problem case studies, the Omdenken Clinic is highly interactive. The Clinic is very suitable as an energising kick-off or break during a training session or conference.

Omdenken Show

  • 75 minutes, up to 2,500 participants.
  • Theatrical programme about flip-thinking and change.
  • Instead of trying to stop the waves, why not learn how to surf?

The Omdenken Show is a 75-minute interactive, inspirational and humorous programme that inescapably illustrates the differences between yes-but and yes-and thinking. It also irrefutably proves the benefits of flip-thinking: innovation, creativity and inspiration. It’s the ultimate mix of theatre, comedy and lecture.
The Omdenken Show can be used to start or accelerate a culture-changing process; or as an interesting and festive way to end the work day.

Omdenken Workshop

  • 150 minutes, up to 1,000 participants.
  • Interactive and theatrical mix about the do’s and don’ts of flip-thinking.
  • The number 1 hit in training-land. 

The Omdenken Workshop is a longer version of the Omdenken Show. The programme is theatrical, but participants also have ample opportunity to roll up their sleeves and practically apply flip-thinking.
Wherever we work and live, we experience problems. Things don’t work out the way we expected them to, people around us are being difficult, we were just on a roll and suddenly ‘a problem is dumped in our lap’… Because of all this, we tend to quickly assume a ‘yes-but’ position and focus on what is wrong and what needs to be changed. This leads to irritation, stagnation and decline. Those who assume yes-but positions in life think in terms of threats and limitations. The glass is always half empty. We call this stuck-thinking. There is also another way of thinking: the yes-and position. Those who assume yes-and positions think in terms of chances and opportunities. They not only see a glass of water, but also ask the question: “Where is the tap?”. How can you transform a problem into an opportunity? In Dutch we call it “Omdenken”: Flip-thinking.
The programme offers various interactive elements that challenge the participants to assume a yes-and position and apply omdenken. The Omdenken Workshop is an eye-opener that helps people to perceive so-called threats and problems as the facts that they truly are; these facts can then be used to create new opportunities.

Below you can see a short impression of our Omdenken show:

How do I get in touch?

Would you like to know more about our programmes or our trainers? Then please contact us.
We’d be happy to share our thoughts about various options and to answer any questions you might have.
Our Sales Managers Johannette van Zoelen and Jeroen Callaars will be there to assist you.

Phone +31 (0)30 2334062
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How our clients feel

Philips – Impressed

In the beginning people were skeptic about whether it would be a success due to the diversity of the group.
In the end it was; everybody was very impressed!

DSM – Eye Opener

Never heard over 100 managers laugh out loud at the same time about their own behavior.
A really eye opening show about communication, self reflection and the possibilities of flip thinking.
Good trainers who really had good sensitivity about our organisation.

Teva Pharmaceuticals – Out of the box

Fun afternoon, lots of laughter and the realisation that thinking out of the box is very difficult.

Greenyard Foods – Magnificent

A magnificant introduction to Omdenken which was well received by the managing directors.

Post NL – Hilarious

The English Clinic is just as good as the Dutch Clinic.
Our clients from Germany, Denmark and the UK were really pleased.