The Omdenken Webinar

As expected, we got the unexpected
A webinar by Omdenken

We wouldn’t be Omdenken if we didn’t move along with the current situation. After all, Omdenken is the handy philosophy that can transform problems into possibilities.
Our options to perform live are limited, but that won’t stop us from spreading the word of Omdenken!
Which brings us to the Omdenken webinar. A 75-minute program that’s not only informative but also entertaining, because we want to have fun, too.
How do you deal with problems in these turbulent times, are you able to see the possibilities? We want to solve problems, and we want to solve them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this tendency to get rid of problems gets in the way of flipping them into new possibilities. That’s a missed opportunity! Solving a problem is good. Using Omdenken to flip it is better.

What do I get out of it?
Lots of learning and laughter. You’ll learn how to recognize worn in and stuck thought patterns, and how to grasp new ways of thinking. Participants not only learn about Omdenken, they also actively take part in the webinar through interactive polls and chats.
Omdenken touches the heart and the head. The Omdenken ideas apply to all areas of life, both in the business and personal world. Experience has taught us that participants see an increase in creativity, motivation, contentment, and responsibility.

The good thing about an online event is that organizing everything is pretty easy. We don’t need a complicated stage setup, floor plans, or a dressing room with only Diet Coke and Blue M&Ms.
The only thing we need is an audience. We don’t enjoy performing for empty rooms. Participants should be able to hear us, so speakers or headphones are handy.
It’s also nice to know in advance who your biggest competitor is. Your worst enemy. Someone who wants to bother you. Someone you sneer at when their name is mentioned at a meeting. That organization we’d love to hear everything about. Well, everything… a name is enough.
Finally, we’d like to give you the opportunity to greet everyone with a few words of welcome. Within our online platform there’s room for this before we start the webinar, not afterwards, unfortunately. This is wholly optional, by the way, so please let us know in advance if you want to say a few introductory words and who will be doing this.

Technical stuff
Our webinars are hosted on WebinarJam and can be accessed through an internet browser (Google Chrome works best) on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Three days in advance we’ll send you a link to the webinar. If you need the link sooner, please let us know so we can arrange it.

If you want to know more about or webinar and the cost, please contact us via!